1. Dated.

    Launceston I

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  2. Dated.

    Brisbane II

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  3. Dated. Brisbane I

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  5. Yo, neighbours! This is your stuff!

    Part II

    Trev (aka TrevTron, Tron, Trevor McTrevor, Sausage, Pancake, and Mechanical Sausage just to name a few) is a bit different to us. The things that make his days happy, are the things we avoid at all costs. For starters, he loves people, but is not exactly inviting to other animals. He likes it hot; we like it sub zero.

    When I saw the mandarin appear I was certain it was Trev bringing us a fruity present, just to spite us. The watch has a daily alarm; I was sure he was trying to get us to feed him earlier.

    When I let him out of the house this morning we were both surprised to see the fishing rod.

    The last shot is Trev’s post-rod-find innocence pose.

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  6. Yo, neighbours! This is your stuff!

    Part I

    Since we moved into our new house, we’ve noticed stuff appearing in our backyard. The most disturbing was a couple of used nappies. We don’t do kids, and Trevor the cat is litter trained, so pretty confident it wasn’t ours.

    The stuff was appearing when we arrived home from work, and sometimes it was on the other side of the shed; well away from any neighbour boundaries. Trev’s a rescue cat, so maybe he had a hidden and twisted klepto side the RSPCA didn’t allude us to.

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  7. outtake.

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  8. SCXU 8544556

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  9. Mad Monsers by leisurefun (03) 817 1949

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  10. P.M.

    Inveresk Roundhouse (more info)

    Looks like corrugated iron, covered in corrugated iron. Couldn’t pass it up for ICIPD!

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